Welcome to the online Bac Yeast store where you may found anything you wish for your brewing needs. Whether you are a homebrewer or Master Brewer - we are here to help. 

We offer a complete line of yeast products to match every yeast strain you desire. We have also tamed an amazing portfolio of local yeast from all over our region. Not only do we do DNA analysis, but we also test the attenuation, flocking, taste as well as other desireable traits. Some of the strains are completed while others are currently under analysis - so stop by often or enquire. 

We also have a significant bacteria project. Thus far we have 8 Lactobacillus Plantarums, a Brevis, casei and a pediococcus. All of which are being tested for not only their flavor profile, but also for their ability to lower pH vs time. 

Our goal is to provide every brewer in our region with the same access to a lab as all the big guys... we have a state-of-the-art faciltiy and any test we cannot do - our contacts at USM can get it done. 

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