About Us

We started Bac Yeast to help develop the brewing industry in our region. As the laws recently changed, and new breweries began to spring up around us, we decided that we could help. We setup a world-class lab. Our lab provides testing support as well as microbial research and development. We implemented wild yeast and bacteria programs as well as being able to get commercial yeast strains at a significant cost savings, thus bolstering our partners with cost savings allowing them to focus on brewing.

We are also avid homebrewers with many friends doing it as well so we decided we could help them out. We not only make our homebrewing kits from the award winning recipes (always tested for greatness) by The Funky Brewsters, but we also have everything needed for brewing. From kegs to kettles or grains, hops or flavorings and spices. We provide the best for our friends.


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