The Yeastie Boys and the Funky Brewsters
at Bac Yeast
We’re bringing world-class brewery services to our region.

Brewing labs are being setup in every region. Locally, and our region is now booming.
Bac Yeast is here to aid in the many local and regional breweries that are getting underway.
It is our goal to help every brewer - home or professional in their efforts in fermentation science. Our mission is to be there for the breweries on all your science needs so that you can focus on brewing and purchasing more fermenters.
Our state-of-the-art laboratory services can evaluate your brews characteristics on many levels:

  Absorbance Integral α-and β-Acids in Hops
  Anthocyanogene Bitterness/Bitter Substances
  Color Diacetyl Content/Vicinale Diketone
  Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN)
  Iodine Protein
  Sulfite Total Carbohydrates
  Total Polyphenols
We have the tools to deliver and we can be there to help!
We not only do lab services but we will help in researching your recipe.
And we are an independant lab - not tied to any one brewery so we will always keep our colaboration confidential.

We offer a full range of ingredients (other than the microbes) to get you there!The Funky Brewsters is our line of brew kits, ingredients, etc. for all levels of brewing.
We are even becoming a distributer of SS Brew Tech... so keep an eye out!
We bring out the best of brewing. The best in ingredients and microbes from the The Yeastie Boys! We offer only the best, including a locally captured and tamed line of both lactic acid bacteria and yeast! Our products will be the freshest and are always designed to produce the optimal fermentation every time.

Our tamed yeasts are characterized for attenuation and flavor, but we also test their DNA to elucidate the strain.


We have a growing cryogenic collection of yeast strains. We offer every type you desire. Check each one and we reference other familiar commercially available types for you to match your brew!

Fresh Pitches

We produce your yeast to order, to coincide with your pitch date, ensuring that you have the freshest pitch and best activity to achieve the highest quality in your fermentation. Thus it may take a week to propagate and get it to you for homebrewers or a few weeks for our commercial brewers

Targeted Pitch Rate

We formulate our product to match your fermentations. We deliver the appropriate concentration of high quality yeast or bacteria to achieve peak performance and ensure the highest quality control for your fermentation.

the best ingredients using the best science
Bac Yeast

Yeastie Boys-Going Wild

The Gulf Coast is a perfect breeding ground for valuable fermentation species. We rarely have long, hard freezes – allowing microbes to be the best at what they do - ferment! We are also fortunate to have active migration of pollinating species, coupled with a never-ending blooming cycle.

Yeast isn't the only microbe on the block.

We are also wrangling in the lactic acid bacteria as well. This is a nice addition to our local offerings. Whether you want to make a Berliner Weiss or your favorite lambic, we have a variety of lactic acid bacteria for you to choose from. We isolate, tame and test each with pH drop vs time and the DNA identity.

The Accelerator at USM

We have lab space at state-of-the-art facilities located at The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. Hattiesburg is named the Hub City as it provides perfect access to all our partners around the region, allowing us to deliver the freshest ingredients in a timely manner. The road system here radiates outward in all directions like spokes reaching out to all of our brewing partners.

Only the best

There are only a few things that make your beer - and they should be the best. It is our goal to make each component the very best it can be. We can customize kits just for your fermentation. We offer everything you need to make beer, wine or cider.

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Thank you for you patience. please come back soon!?

The Funky Brewsters